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Investment strategy is an optimum return strategy, targeting long term viable exit proceeds along with sustainable cash flow


Cannapharma invests opportunistically in assets of various growth stages, facilitating diverse investment structures in companies operating throughout the ecosystem. Thanks to extensive capital allocation background of our team, we assess each deal individually and structure our investments to maximize value for our investors.
We utilize alternative sourcing channels through our Industry network to maintain a robust deal flow, covering proprietary and off-market transactions to support our approach.


Opportunistic Companies

Synergetic Assets

Robust Deal Flow

The investments are optimum exit-strategy seeking models, aiming to offer its investors benefit both from capital gain as well as fixed returns.
Our investments are contemplated to maximize upside returns with minimized downside risk through a variety of capital strategies. We aim to align with thoughtful and broad-visioned teams, focused on building long-term value.
We attach vital importance to operational and financial metrics and thanks to our team’s extensive experience, we intensely monitor the performance of our portfolio companies and constantly revise our medium/long-term strategies accordingly.
Our mission is to excel in selecting the right assets within the entire value chain of medical cannabis and psychedelics industries and building & diversifying our investment portfolio to mitigate systemic risks. We have a hands-on investment management approach as each asset constitutes a pillar in preserving value and optimizing long-term risk & return profile.
Main target assets, which are under the radar of Cannapharma, are cannabis oil extraction, manufacturing, distribution and retail of cannabis infused beverage/edibles and derivatives along with supplement & drug development based on cannabis and psychedelic substances.
Within the supply chain of the Industry, we see the most value in medical product/brand development. Innovation will be a key differentiator for growing and building brands. We see other areas of the value chain being more commoditized over time.  Given the newness of the Industry, every part of the value chain will drive value in the near-term.

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